Why Do Super-Computers Need To Be So Cold?

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means qualified  for you to be able to use any of what I said as facts it’s merely a rough perspective!

First Let’s Understand How Computers Process!

Think of a normal computer and the way it thinks as the wall of a castle.The top block formations are one oscillation and the bottom one are another.The top represents the quartz crystal in your CPU that is “on” and the bottom is when it’s “off”.castle wall.jpg

The “on” state represents a one to the PC and the “off” a zero.We don’t need to go into depth on this now just remember the shape of the castle wall!


Ignore the math and the words just remember the red lines!So “up” is on and “down” is off. Simple enough!

How Do Super-Computers Process?

They work on the same diagram(For explanation purposes I’m keeping it simple) but they do a type of processing that’s known as “Quantum-processing”

So to keep it simple let’s investigate the word. Processing we know that’s easy

Quantum has a variation of the word “quad” in it so that means 4, correct? So basically instead of getting and processing data on just on or off this process can do multiple and more complex problems because it has four points of which it can process.Just stay with me this is getting complex now but you are doing well so far!

So back to the red line and castle-wall.This process also uses the top and bottom of the diagram but it can also use the sides!Thus it uses on and off as well as “going on” and “going off”.

So Why Do They Need To Be So Cold?

As we all know by now CPUs are extremely small and because these ones work on a quantum level they need to be kept cool so the quantum effect they use to determine the signals like ” going on” and ” going off” don’t get effected by quantum heat effects that could disrupt the data and lead it to be useless.

So basically they use quantum effects to generate the computer signals and for those signals to be accurate the need to be chilled a hell of a lot so heat induced quantum signals don’t mess up the data.So it’s to keep interference out!

Why Do Normal PCs Not Need To Be So Cool?


In normal PCs cooler parts just mean a longer lifespan and better performance because you can overclock a fair bit more with decent cooling!The materials and the way the work are different and thus their requirements differ however PCs and the silicon they are made of have an optimal operating temperature thus they don’t need to be cooler than room temperature to function properly and they can go as high as 90 degrees Celsius before it starts to become a real big problem!

So if you read this far into the blog congrats your awesome and probably a nerd like me so why not follow me for more like this or leave a comment on what  questions you have or what other topics you want to discuss!



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