Composition : How a Shooter’s Position Affects the Image

This is well written and really opens your eyes!

The Eclectic Shooter

Photographic composition, in a simple statement, can be described as arranging (in the viewfinder) the different elements of an image so that they combine an aesthetically pleasing and balanced arrangement for the whole of the image.

Composition is often a subjective process but there some ‘rules’ that one should follow.  I hope to present and demonstrate some of these rules over time.

At this time, let’s take a look at position.  This is not the position of the subject since there are a) many subjects that cannot be moved and, in many cases, b) the whole of the image involves more than just the subject.  We are talking about the position of the photographer.

I was going through my shots of Princess Louise Falls, from which I took the shot for Princess Louise Falls, and found what I think are some good examples of how one’s position and angle…

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