Should You Buy: Dirt 4?

Dirt 4:

So this AAA title is widely know  as one of the best rally games to release this year but is it worth it?

What is Dirt 4 about?

This game is simple to understand.It’s a racing game based on the Rally side of the racing scenes.So if off-roading is your thing then you would like this game!So basically you are a new driver getting into rally racing and you start of racing for other teams and as you progress you can start your own team and build your own cars.


A Few Things I Nerd Out About!

The graphics on this game are insane! Each time I play I’m impressed again.The next thing is the extensive settings you can change to make the driving experience unique!The levels also get randomly generated which makes it so re-playable in the long run! Next is the fact that the things that you do effect the crew or teams you are working with, how cool is that??? Sucks if you are me and crash a lot but still a cool feature! The cars actually break and wear! I’ve gotten flats and worn clutches which just made the experience all the more real and cool!

Is It Any Fun?

Oh hell yes!This is one of the hardest and most entertaining racing games I’ve ever come across. The simulation setting makes you think about how you drive thus immersing you in the experience!The different game-modes like “rally” ,”rally-cross” etc are soooooo FUN! 

Things You Might Want Before Getting The Game!

A controller or some type wheel I would highly recommend because keyboards and racing games don’t mix all too well! A decent GPU would also be beneficial so that you can push every last pixel of this amazing game! Patience is a big one because this is a hard game and takes some time to get used to.

Tips For First Time Players!

  • Do the dirt academy 
  • Play around in free roam for a while
  • Test cars and different tracks to get to know how each game works!
  • Just screw around and enjoy some drifting or jumping the car as far as you can!

Fun Fact:

Ken Block the driver in the Gym Khana series helped to tune the simulation in the game to get it as close to what it feels like to him in real life as they could! Pretty cool if you don’t know who he is go to youtube and search his videos!


My Recommendation:

Buy this game it’s not that expensive and it will give you hours of fun and joy! The game is well designed and get’s a decent amount of updates and we should be seeing some DLC or something soon to keep the hardcore-gamers interested! SO GO AND PLAY IN THE DIRT 4! 

dirt Fiesta_Aus_3.jpg


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