Do You Want a Wooden Phone Case?This Small South African Company Might Just Have It!


A small company started as a college project turned into one of the best wooden case manufacturers in RSA. This small yet awesome company has given us a great and quality product! They seem to understand how to price products because for the price of these cases I can promise you ,you won’t find anything similar in this price class!


I personally own one of these cases and i must say for the past 17H that I’ve had it, it still is freaking awesome!!

My unboxing video! 

They have many options to what wood you want to use to the type of phones you want to protect! The coolest part is the fact that they do custom vector engravings ! The photos you see up top are setup as follows:

  • Cherry-wood
  • IPhone 6s cover
  • Custom spider-web engraving!_DSC01340000.jpg

What does one of these price at?

Most of the cases are around R450 and for a custom engraving one it’s up to R600! These prices are so good for the product you receive!


  • You need a VECTOR-BASED graphic
  • Don’t Overlay your image over their template(I did This *face-palms*)

Recommendation Rating:

85% recommended by me! I haven’t had this cover for too long so I can’t say it’s a 100% quality product … yet 😉