Are You Bored?Do You Own A Motorized-Vehicle?This Post Is For You Then!

What You Will NEED!

  • A Large and strong box
  • A Large open Field(Preferably a rugby field or something similar)
  • A Strong and kinda long piece of rope
  • A Vehicle with a tow-bar or something to tie the rope to that wont break
  • Cable-ties
  • Something to use as a handle-bar
  • Old towels
  • Some courage
  • Some crazy friends
  • Time

So the idea was to pull someone behind my friend’s Honda XR 125 motorbike.To be honest it worked out pretty damn well.It took some trial and error and a lot of cable-ties but we had fun!

So start by tying the rope to the bike or whatever and then cut the rope to length if need be.Next create a sled with the boxes and towels with a handlebar to hold on to!

The sled should kinda look like a snow sled and the towels are used as a bit of padding.Using the rope attached to the bike and tie it to the sled through a hole you made in it and tie it to the handlebar so it won’t rip the box and ruin the fun.

next get some crazy friend to jump on and someone to pull the sled and have fun rolling on the grass!

Things to look out for!

be careful for obstacles and slipping the front wheel of the bike !Put an extra person on the bike to make it heavier and keep better grip!Also the towing will cause the bike to be plucked around a bit so be careful for sudden jerks!

After you are done playing and the sled is ruined clean up the parts and keep it clean!

(I do not condone doing this on restricted property or putting people’s lives in danger so take care and use safety precautions!)