Have You Ever Wanted To Make a Youtube Video Without The Work?

So I’m back again! And this is an awesome opportunity for you! yes , you reading this now!

The Back story:

I’m a new youtuber with a small fan base and little to no idea what content to make for my viewers.So I present to you this…A simple question… what do you want to watch?

The Challenge:

If you have any ideas related to tech/gaming/vlog/whatever videos and you would like to make them a reality so you can watch them leave me a comment with your idea!I will give full credit to each comment/idea that gets chosen and made!

logo header 1440p30000Links

YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqGpRQSS3qrJz8JqhRffybw

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/

Twitter: @iAmDevaStaTion1


Hey Guys It’s DeV ZA



So i started a blogWhy I don’t know…So this is where I’ll be updating news and so on for the people that are interested and this is also where i will discuss the content i make!

If your new and interested here is my YouTube link:


So ye I’m a Tech youtuber/Gamer so if you want more of one you better let me know here!Also I’m open to any and all suggestions

So ye Thanks for reading this has been DeV and I’m Out!