Why Do Super-Computers Need To Be So Cold?

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means qualified  for you to be able to use any of what I said as facts it’s merely a rough perspective!

First Let’s Understand How Computers Process!

Think of a normal computer and the way it thinks as the wall of a castle.The top block formations are one oscillation and the bottom one are another.The top represents the quartz crystal in your CPU that is “on” and the bottom is when it’s “off”.castle wall.jpg

The “on” state represents a one to the PC and the “off” a zero.We don’t need to go into depth on this now just remember the shape of the castle wall!


Ignore the math and the words just remember the red lines!So “up” is on and “down” is off. Simple enough!

How Do Super-Computers Process?

They work on the same diagram(For explanation purposes I’m keeping it simple) but they do a type of processing that’s known as “Quantum-processing”

So to keep it simple let’s investigate the word. Processing we know that’s easy

Quantum has a variation of the word “quad” in it so that means 4, correct? So basically instead of getting and processing data on just on or off this process can do multiple and more complex problems because it has four points of which it can process.Just stay with me this is getting complex now but you are doing well so far!

So back to the red line and castle-wall.This process also uses the top and bottom of the diagram but it can also use the sides!Thus it uses on and off as well as “going on” and “going off”.

So Why Do They Need To Be So Cold?

As we all know by now CPUs are extremely small and because these ones work on a quantum level they need to be kept cool so the quantum effect they use to determine the signals like ” going on” and ” going off” don’t get effected by quantum heat effects that could disrupt the data and lead it to be useless.

So basically they use quantum effects to generate the computer signals and for those signals to be accurate the need to be chilled a hell of a lot so heat induced quantum signals don’t mess up the data.So it’s to keep interference out!

Why Do Normal PCs Not Need To Be So Cool?


In normal PCs cooler parts just mean a longer lifespan and better performance because you can overclock a fair bit more with decent cooling!The materials and the way the work are different and thus their requirements differ however PCs and the silicon they are made of have an optimal operating temperature thus they don’t need to be cooler than room temperature to function properly and they can go as high as 90 degrees Celsius before it starts to become a real big problem!

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How to Up Your Setup Game!|Tips For Making Your PC Setup Awesome!|How I Made My Dream Setup For 2017!

So you clicked on this post…I see…You want some tips bru?Yes? Okay let’s get started!

(No video on this yet but if you want one lemme know in the comments here or like this blog post to tell me you wanna hear me talk about this for 2-3 minutes maybe more 😉 or go sub to me and comment on a video that you came from the blogs and I’ll give you a shoutout for you social media 😛 )

How will I explain this to you?

So how this blog will go is using my setup as an example!My setup has been evolving over 2-3 years now ,this year ,2017, being the 3rd one.I started out with a console setup and I don’t seem to have a photo of it before i switched to PC at the age of 14.So let me explain to you what I did to get my setup to look the way it does!

DISCLAIMER: I do like showing off my setup and if this offends you I’m sorry i don’t care these are the tips I wish I knew from the start to get the best results!

Tip 1:Start With What You Have!

So go and take a good look at your current setup if you have never taken interest in a clean and organized setup it should look something like this…


This is what i started out with…My Samsung TV,My new PC and a crappy work desk that was pushing the boundaries of claustrophobia.Here are some more beauty shots of this marvel of a setup.

As you can see at this point it seems bleak…But there is HOPE! This is the best setup I could make with what I had at the time…I was proud even though I didn’t have the best of setups…It was mine so I was proud…You can end this post here if you are happy with what you have your setup as right now but for me this wasn’t pleasing enough since I didn’t even have a decent chair and i started encountering problems like back-pain and sore muscles from the awkward position i had to sit in to play!SO NOW COMES THE NEXT TIP!

Tip 2:Evaluate What Needs To GO!

So I knew the only real things that could stay were the hardware…The Chair(Rocking chair is what i used) and the table had to be replaced and soon!Those cables that are hanging everywhere had to be tidied up!You basically need to judge your setup down to it’s core!I’m very picky about stuff so i was a real pain in the ass…

I came to the conclusion that I needed a new table and a better suited monitor for my new closer seated position when playing games now…

Tip 3: PLAN What You Want To Do! Get a Theme!

So at this stage i decided seeing as my PC was white and blue with hints of black that’s what my colour scheme would be!So I put some thought in what I wanted to do here and I decided I wanted 2 desks so i can play and do homework in the corner of my room…but what about the TV you may ask?I wall mounted it!

I went to our local mall and went desk shopping where I found 2 glass desks one plain black and the other one with some white text on it.I also bought a bracket for the tv to mount it.In this time I’ve already upgraded to a PC monitor as well so the TV would be a second monitor for watching movies from bed.I also got a hand me down chair from my mother’s work which you could see clashed a lot with my theme…but still it was what I had,it was what I was happy with!So This is what I ended up with after about a year and a half.


Tip 4: Add Some Small Things!

As you could see in the previous pic I added some posters and things on the walls to fill up the area as well as some things on the desk!

Small fake plants or figures work best for bringing in your style to your setup!

Tip 5: Cables Be Gone!

In the first setup pics you could see some pretty nasty cables hanging about…So in the upgraded setup I tried to keep those eye-sores to a minimum!

Cable-ties , Velcro-straps , Cable-raceways, or even twist-ties are a life saver when it comes to hiding these ugly lines!

Tip 6: If you don’t like it get rid of it!

So after about 8 months of having the white and blue I got sick of it seeing as my real favorite colours were red and black i decided to change my PC case to fit what i wanted…I also did this because that case wasn’t the best for thermals and my components would get really hot.

I got an NZXT-H440 case in Red/Black of course and I Also picked up a 10m LED-strip (RGB just became a craze then so I had to) from a local store and installed it around the desk.These were the results after matching all my colours through trial and error.I Was very happy with how this came out!


Tip 7: Make it interesting!

So in the previous pic you can see that i mounted some skateboards to the wall.I also liked the way this setup looked with the blue lights as contrast so just be unique!

Tip 8:Buy Quality!

Some of you sharp kids would have noticed my keyboard went from blue to red and well my blue one broke and I decided I would invest in quality rather than save a few bucks! This is the best tip for PC parts and stuff!BUY THE BEST YOU CAN AT THE TIME!So this tip is about upgrades.My PC became outdated pretty quick and it not being the best from the start it cost me more now to keep it doing what i wanted to seeing as I had to upgrade it so fast…

I basically bought a new PC only things that stayed were the hard drives and case!Trust me spending more the first time will make it last a hell of a lot longer!

Tip 9:Take Pride In Your Setup!KEEP IT CLEAN!

Not only is this basic hygiene it also keeps your PC happy and healthy aswell as keeping your setup spiffy! Keep a rag close by for dust or messes and clean your PC when you start to see a lot of dust at the vents!

Tip 10:Keep Improving the Small things!

Small things make the biggest difference! change it up! add new stuff take away old stuff! Keep your setup fresh and new so you don’t tire of it and you always impress people!Wallpapers accent colours are the biggest changes!So be creative play around with what you like!


My setup took a long time to get it how it is now and a lot of work and effort and I’m still not happy!So be prepared to work for yours !I took the long road of getting it here and hopefully this helps you to reach your goals fatser! So my recommendation is buy things that are neutral colours and get RGB functions so you can make it to what ever you like with out changing all too much!This will be my next upgrade! A Plain PC-Case!





Garmin Forerunner 225|Overview 2017

(If you don’t want to read everything here’s a link to my video covering basically everything i did here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJ4h9z5d3dE )

First Impressions:

At first I was excited to see what this watch could do then when I opened the box I saw just how pretty the watch really was!It seemed to be of a pretty durable quality.




Physical dimensions 1.8” x 1.9” x 0.6” (45 mm x 48mm x 16 mm)
Weight 1.9 oz. (54 g)
Water rating 5 ATM
Battery type Rechargeable lithium-ion
Display size 1.0″ (25.4 mm) diameter
Display resolution 180 x 180 pixels
Color display
Battery life Up to 4 weeks in watch mode; up to 10 hours in GPS mode with optical HRM
High-sensitivity receiver

Maps & Memory

History 200 hours of activity data

Clock Features

Time/date Includes date and alarm



Activity Tracking Features

Step counter
Move bar (displays on device after a period of inactivity; walk for a couple of minutes to reset it)
Auto goal (learns your activity level and assigns a daily step goal)
Sleep monitoring (monitors total sleep and periods of movement or restful sleep)
Calories burned

Training, Planning and Analysis Features

Customizable data pages
Advanced workouts
Auto Pause®
Auto scroll
Auto Lap®
Vibration alerts
Personal records (running, cycling, swimming)

Garmin Connect™

Garmin Connect™ compatible (online community where you analyze, categorize and share data)
Automatic sync (automatically transfers data to Garmin Connect)


  • Wrist-based heart rate: yes
  • Activity tracking: yes

(Specs from Garmin’s website)

Cool Features:

You can customize the theme color of the watch to a few preset colors but red works best in this case.

It Monitors sleep patterns and movement during sleep!This is pretty nifty if you are a stats freak like me and you enjoy knowing what’s happening with your body.So this in’t and in depth monitor it basically monitors your movement and based on this it chooses whether you are in deep/light sleep or awake.Still cool though!

Then the usual steps/calories/distance/Goal.Pretty basic stuff but still useful if you are lazy! It also has a move alert to get you to move when you are stagnant for too long and it doesn’t shut-up until you move!I turned it off obviously 😀

How is it in the long run?

Overall I’ve had this watch for a year now and i bought it for cycling training.It offers tons of different activities from swimming to driving!The build-quality is great,I’ve rubbed it against walls and I’ve also crashed a few times with it and it still only has one scratch!This watch will last you years!


The battery on this thing is great!Garmin advertised about 2 weeks on watch mode and mine has lasted longer than 2 week on multiple occasions on only a singe charge.In intense training weeks it usually lasts about a week with 2-3H training sessions.This is pretty impressive in my opinion!


The only problems I’ve had were with the HR sensor screwing around at first and only later showing my real HR.Like once I went to a race and for the first half of the race it said my HR was about 90-100bpm… this i knew was a problem ’cause previous races no matter what my HR sits around 180-190bpm…

Other problem isn’t as majors its just irritating…so when you do an activity you don’t have the option to choose which activity you can only change it once you’ve uploaded it.Minor but still frustrating…

My Recommendation?

Get one if you are in the market for something like this it’s a worth while investment!It lasts for years and isn’t cheaply built.They are pricey but it will be worth it if you use it to keep yourself in-shape !



Have You Ever Wanted To Make a Youtube Video Without The Work?

So I’m back again! And this is an awesome opportunity for you! yes , you reading this now!

The Back story:

I’m a new youtuber with a small fan base and little to no idea what content to make for my viewers.So I present to you this…A simple question… what do you want to watch?

The Challenge:

If you have any ideas related to tech/gaming/vlog/whatever videos and you would like to make them a reality so you can watch them leave me a comment with your idea!I will give full credit to each comment/idea that gets chosen and made!

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